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iphone x closing apps india iphone x closing apps india

iPhone sales have failed to impress in India, so Apple executives are leaving

Meanwhile, Samsung is busy opening the world's largest mobile phone factory in India.

care-e luggage robot care-e luggage robot

Wall-E meet Care-E, KLM’s new adorable luggage robot meant for airports

The little guy will chauffeur your luggage and guide you to your gate.

macbook pro keyboard lawsuit macbook pro keyboard lawsuit

Apple has probably fixed its keyboard disaster, but kept quiet about the fix

With ongoing lawsuits pertaining to the "butterfly" keyboard, the new MBP has an added...

wyze cam wyze cam

The awesomely affordable Wyze Cam V2 & Pan Cam now work with Alexa

These cameras offer 1080p livestreaming, free cloud storage, and now, Alexa functionality.

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sengled sengled

These funky Sengled Bluetooth bulbs will revive your boring parties

Choose from over 16 million colors through the accompanying Android and iOS app.


#GameTechieMore #GameTechie

destiny 2 forsaken resets destiny 2 forsaken resets

The new competitive PvP mode coming to Destiny 2’s Forsaken update looks great

Breakthrough will pit teams of four against each other in an objective-style PvP mode.

genki usb dongle genki usb dongle

A new dongle will let you use wireless headphones with your Nintendo Switch

This new device will make pairing wireless earbuds a breeze.

fortnite season 5 switch motion controls fortnite season 5 switch motion controls

With Fortnite’s new update, Switch owners get motion controls

Everyone is hyped for Fortnite Season 5, and now Nintendo Switch owners have an...

the culling 2 the culling 2

The Culling 2 may have picked the worst launch time possible

Deadlines are understandable, but really?

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